One of the World’s Rarest Whales

Understanding the elusive North Pacific right whale

Six Ways to Make Ocean-Friendly Fashion Choices

While trends come and go, sustainable fashion never goes out of style

All About Goblin Sharks

My new best friend is a goblin shark, but I can’t find them anywhere

Four New Octopus Species Discovered off Costa Rica

Research team aboard Schmidt Ocean Institute research vessel encountered more than anticipated

Five Types of Plankton

Fall in love with these tiny wanderers

Easy-to-Confuse Ocean Animals

Ocean lookalikes (and how to tell them apart)

Microplastics in Protein Products Concerns All Consumers

New Ocean Conservancy and University of Toronto Trash Team research found microplastics in nearly 90% of protein samples

Meet the Squidworm

Dive into the deep ocean as we explore one of its most fascinating creatures: the squidworm

Caution: Killer Cone Snails

Though colorful and intriguing, cone snails are among the most venomous creatures on Earth

Improved Working Conditions for Recyclers Also Benefit Ocean Health

What does social justice in the Andes mountains have to do with ocean plastic pollution?

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