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Our Ocean Network

Coming Together to Protect Our Ocean

Become a Voice for the Ocean

Our Ocean Network gives you a direct connection to the ocean policymaking that shapes our lives, our communities, and the health of our ocean. We provide expert information and updates on federal ocean policy and legislation, and insider guidance on how to make your voice heard in the debate.

Through information and engagement opportunities, Our Ocean Network gives you the tools you need to have an impact. Whether you are a scientist, fisherman, surfer, business owner, or simply care about the ocean’s future, we lay the groundwork and provide the insights it takes to help you influence ocean policy for the better.

As part of the Network, you’ll have access to:

  • Expert information and insights you can rely on to understand what’s happening in the world of federal ocean policy and funding;
  • Alerts about key moments to engage in the policy process and the tools and resources you need to be most impactful;
  • Opportunities to connect directly with your representatives and decision makers both in Washington, DC and at home;
  • Invitations to webinars, events, and trainings to keep you informed and empowered to make a difference.

It all starts with our monthly email.

We invite you to sign-up for our monthly email updates to receive these resources and more. We also invite you to continuously check back on our website for new materials and information..

Our ocean is facing many challenges, but new solutions are being discovered every day by people like you. It will take all of us to make sure we are heard by the lawmakers who can help us protect our beloved marine resources. It is our hope that as part of this network, you will have all the tools and support you need to make your voice heard for the ocean with confidence.

No vessel captain or owner wants to hit a whale. But avoiding whales takes the commitment of many and the resources and expertise that NOAA provides through its personnel and through funding for research nationwide.

Kathy Burek

Kathy Burek

Veterinary Pathologist

Let’s not forget that America is an ocean nation. Investing in our oceans is an investment in America.

Buddy Custard

Buddy Custard

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alaska Maritime Prevention and Response Network


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